Minori is a small gem of the Amalfi Coast, set between the sea and the mountains, and a
UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It is built around the Church of Santa Trofimena, a neoclassical Latin cross basilica whose elegance has remained intact to this day. It can already be seen when walking along the town's seafront promenade, which displays all the beauty of the breathtaking Amalfi Coast's rugged coastline. Minori was already a popular destination in Roman times, as demonstrated by the presence of a patrician villa dating back to the 1st century A.D.: the Villa Marittima Romana, one of the most important historical monuments on the Amalfi Coast. The various finds and artefacts from the dwelling are now housed in the Antiquarium museum, the second most visited museum in the Province of Salerno in 2019. All around the city stand numerous towers, which once served the function of sighting and defending the coast from Saracen assaults. The highest is the coastal tower known as the Torre Costiera del Paradiso, built in the late 1500s

An experience not to be missed in Minori is the 'Sentiero dei limoni' (Lemon Path): a short but
fascinating trekking route connecting Minori to the nearby Minori, characterised by the presence of the typical lemon terraces of the Amalfi Coast. The path starts in the locality of Torre, in Minori, and ends in front of the Church of Santa Maria a Mare in Maiori.

Minori has a rich culinary tradition, for which it is called the 'City of Taste'. During the celebrations of the patron saint Trofimena, there is the tradition of preparing 'ndunderi': a type of fresh pasta similar to gnocchi. The recipe, which seems to date back to ancient Roman times, now has several tasty versions, which you can try in various typical restaurants in the town. Also worth tasting are "lagane", another type of pasta, and all the gourmet products made with lemon: the symbolic fruit of Minori and the entire Amalfi Coast.

And to end your visit on a sweet note, you cannot miss a stop at Pasticceria De Riso, where you
can savour the tastiest traditional coastal sweets, including the ricotta and pear cake, but
especially the lemon delight: the undisputed queen of Amalfi Coast desserts. It is a small sponge cake that holds with extreme goodness the unmistakable colours, scents and flavours of the lemons of the coast. At the first bite, you will already want to take an encore.
Let yourself be captivated by the art, wonderful landscapes and good food of Minori and the
entire splendid Amalfi Coast.

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