Our Big Family

People are our wings

We have no employees, but collaborators. They are part of our great family: with them we share the values of a company born to connect places and people. What we like to do is, above all, to value talents. «Talent» comes from the Greek: in Greece, Talanton was the scale. In a broader sense - the weight. And that’s the talent: the weight we put on ourselves. It is the value that we attach to each little or great thing in life.

A shared route

We have an agreement with our employees: we want everyone to have equal opportunities. For this reason, we reserve the utmost care to the relationships of esteem and trust between those who work.In the journey that we live every day, we love to compare ourselves.

We believe that the working environment should be comfortable and that, outside working hours, everyone has the right to unplug and disconnect.

This is how we navigate together, united in the same direction.

Alilauro - la flotta
Every morning I arrive at work already happy because I am near the sea, I see people and I never know what will happen. The unpredictability of my work is what most stimulates me: making decisions together with the rest of the team, solving sudden situations, satisfying requests I like and I enjoy a lot.
Orsola Bercini

Manager Customer Service

A sea that unites

The value of training

Over the last ten years, we have rejuvenated the staff of our staff: we collaborate with schools, universities and training institutions to research skills, but above all profiles of passionate people, who want to grow with us for a common project.

What will make our company eternal is the care that is reserved for the generational change: the experience of those who have accompanied us for some time becomes essential to encourage the inclusion of the newcomers. And so on.

I love my work because it gives me the chance to get to know so many different people and cultures every day. With us, passengers of various nationalities travel all year round and, being in contact with them, I can learn a lot and enrich my cultural background.
Antonio Sorgenia Sorrentino


The diversity that makes the difference

We have opened the maritime world to women. A world in which the male figure has always been given exclusive power. We did this because we are strongly convinced that the ability to reach far is not linked to a question of gender, but only of passion and resourcefulness. We believe that everyone has the right to their own path of enhancement. And that differences are an added value.
This is also why we collaborate with inclusion projects, such as that of the Più Association, including special people in our staff. Each, with its own inclinations and capabilities, represents a unique plus for our company.

Alilauro - the fleet
Working in this environment is great. I get excited about the contact with people. Plus, I can enjoy the breathtaking views every day. The environment, the people, the view: all this has made me better over the years and gratifies me every day more and more.
Salvatore Crispino

Manager Operators of Dock

A sea that unites

Towards the same horizon

We firmly believe that the sea teaches us to collaborate for a shared purpose. Division and respect for roles are fundamental, but even more so is the desire to pursue a common course. Projected toward the same horizon.

The daily desire to achieve it together is what distinguishes our company, for more than 70 years.

Our staff

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