We have created services designed to make your journey enjoyable, addressing practical issues and offering fun experiences for children. With us, every little passenger finds worlds to color and portholes that make them feel like protagonists.


During boarding operations, it's possible to get priority by asking the hostesses for information. The company recommends the transfer service with an electric unit on board, available upon reservation, to avoid exertion.

At Volaviamare HQ, particularly at Molo Beverello – Gate 1, there is a dedicated lounge for moms, providing a quiet space for breastfeeding.

Additionally, the Family Card is mentioned, a service designed to meet the needs of the entire family, inviting users to discover the benefits offered by this card.


The company provides various services aimed at making travel more convenient for families with children. Among these, there is the option to borrow a stroller during the journey at no additional cost, with the service available upon reservation.

As for diaper changing, the company takes care to facilitate this operation by providing everything necessary on board the units. Users can approach the crew for additional information about this convenience.

Additionally, on board, it is possible to warm up the baby's bottle, and for the little ones facing their first trip by hydrofoil, the company offers an “official” baptism of the sea certificate, complete with the captain's signature, to be framed as a memento of the first maritime journey.


To ensure a fun experience for the little ones during the crossing, Volaviamare offers Sea Cubs a complimentary kit. This includes a special badge that can be requested from the hostesses, becoming a cherished keepsake to take home.

Moreover, to make the journey even more enjoyable, it's snack time, and the company has prepared a specially designed lunch box for children, available at onboard refreshment points.

Volaviamare also gives them the opportunity to visit the cockpit, providing them with the thrill of a tour on the deck to meet the crew and discover the secrets of navigation.

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