Safety Management System

The COMPANY team at Alilauro

The management of SECURITY services for Alilauro vessels is handled by a qualified team known as COMPANY, in accordance with IMO Resolution A.741(18) and EU Regulation 336/2006, aimed at preserving and ensuring specific objectives.

Obiettivi COMPANY

1. Ensure the transportation of passengers by sea with high safety standards as required by national/international regulations.
2. Prevent harm to individuals and loss of human lives at sea.
3. Protect the environment, especially the marine environment.
4. Ensure the safety of work environments.
5. Protect the vessel and crew from the consequences of illegal practices.
6. Maintain the highest level of technical/safety and operational efficiency of the vessels.
7. Provide maritime personnel with the necessary procedures to address emergencies related to both safety and environmental protection.
8. Continuously assess identified risks on its vessels regarding the safety of personnel, passengers, and the marine environment.
9. Continuously improve the training standards of navigational personnel.
10. The COMPANY team is operational 24/24 in addressing any emergency situations.

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