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1. How can I buy the ticket?

  • Online: You can consult the times on the website www.alilauro.it and then clicking on the following link alilauro-tickets.certusonline.com/ you can buy your ticket until two hours before departure by credit or prepaid card. Buy online on our website the will guarantee a ticket with boarding at least 30 minutes before the departure time, even in electronic format.

  • By Booking: by calling +390814972238 - by selecting inside 2 - you can buy your ticket up to an hour before departure with credit or prepaid card. Also in this case, buying online on our website will guarantee you a ticket boarding at least 30 minutes before departure.

  • At the airport ticket offices: you can buy your ticket up to thirty minutes before departure time with payment in cash, credit card or prepaid; the ticket will ensure direct boarding.

2. How long before I have to buy the ticket?

  • It is preferable to buy the ticket in advance, especially in anticipation of weekends and special holidays. You can always make a change later (link change ticket).

3. What is the validity of my ticket?

  • The ticket is valid only and exclusively for the date and time of departure shown on the title of purchased travel, beyond which it loses its validity.

4. Can I request an invoice for my ticket?

  • Of course, in the case of online tickets before the conclusion of the purchase process there is the appropriate field for the invoice request: proceed to enter the requested data and automatically will be issued and indicated on the ticket. If you buy your ticket at one of our social ticket offices, you must apply before printing it.

5. I have to print my ticket?

  • In case of purchase on our site it is not necessary to print the ticket Alilauro and Alicost, while you need the press and the passage at the ticket office for the routes managed by Alilauro Gruson.
  • If you purchased from an unofficial portal, with online ticket that bears the words "Copy not valid for boarding", the passenger must go to our ticket offices and print the boarding document for check-in below board.

6. Can I book online and pay for the ticket at the port?

  • It is not possible to reserve a chair on our ships, it is provided only and exclusively the purchase of ticket in the manner described in point 1.

7. I get a discount if I buy the A/R ticket?

  • On the Naples-Ischia-Forio and Naples-Sorrento routes, if you buy both the outward and the return you are entitled to a discounted rate. To use it, the purchase can be made online from our website www.alilauro.it or by calling our Booking office at +390814972238 - selecting inside 2 - active from Monday to Friday from 9.30 at 17.30, or at our ticket offices. Rate A/R is modifiable but not refundable.

Editing / Cancellation / Support Booking

1. Can I change my ticket?

  • It is always possible to change a ticket before the departure time of the journey purchased, both from our website www.alilauro.it and via Booking office at +390814972238 - selecting the interno2 - active from Monday to Friday from hours 9.30 to 17.30, both at our ticket offices. For details on costs and methods the please consult the relevant section at the link https://www.alilauro.it/it/modifica-biglietto/

2. I can’t leave anymore, can I cancel my ticket?

3. I have not received my ticket, what can I do?

  • Please contact our Booking office at +390814972238, by selecting the interno2, active from Monday to Friday from 9.30 to 17.30, or by sending a email with the specification of the booking code (present on the payment receipt) to reservation@alilauro.it

4. If the hydrofoil doesn’t start what happens?

  • In case of suspension of the ride for causes not attributable to the company the passenger may be rebooted on the next ride. In case there are no valid options or the customer does not want you can request a refund (link https///www.alilauro.it/it/rimborsi/ )

Boarding Section

1. How soon should I arrive at the port for boarding?

  • You must arrive at the port at least 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time, to facilitate security, ticket and boarding checks.

2. What documents are required for boarding?

  • For boarding, it is necessary to have the travel document, also in electronic format, and the identity card and/or passport, in case a discounted or convention-related fare is used. If you are the holder of an Alicard, present it simultaneously with the boarding document.

4. I have to print my ticket?

  • In case of purchase on our site it is not necessary to print the ticket for the routes operated by Alilauro and Alicost, while printing and passage at the ticket office for the routes operated by Alilauro Gruson is required.
  • If you purchased from an unofficial portal, with an online ticket marked "Copy not valid for boarding", the passenger must go to our ticket offices and print the boarding document for check-in under board.

Purchase of Additional Ticket

1. What can I load on the hydrofoil?

  • Our units are dedicated exclusively to passenger transport with the possibility to take with you baggage, animals, bicycles and/or scooters, to the extent permitted; nothing is allowed to board without the accompanying person.

2. Can I load goods?

  • No, our units are exclusively dedicated to passenger transport with the possibility of bringing luggage, animals, bicycles, and/or scooters; it is not allowed to load goods without physical persons.

3. Can I load a truck?

  • No, our units are dedicated exclusively to passenger transport with the possibility to bring with luggage, animals, bicycles and/or scooters.

4. How many bags can I carry?

  • There is no baggage limit per passenger. Specifically, each ticket includes one piece of hand baggage of the following dimensions: 50 x 35 x 20 (cm) and weight not exceeding 9 Kg. Extra and excess baggage in measures have an additional charge of €3.00 - excluding Alilauro Gruson routes on which the baggage ticket extra costs €3.50.

5. Can I pay for my extra baggage later?

  • Sure, you can buy your extra baggage ticket both at our social ticket offices and on board just before boarding, in this second case with cash payment. However, it is not possible purchase only the baggage ticket by phone or add it to a booking already made.

6. Can I bring an animal on board?

  • Yes, if it is a domestic animal, equipped with a cage and/or muzzle and leash, the onboard staff may request documentation regarding the health status and vaccinations of the animal. It is also necessary to obtain a travel permit for each animal at a cost of €5.00

Discounts and Cards section

1. Is there a discount for frequent travelers?

2. Is there a discount for families?

3. Is there a discount for business travelers?

4. Students have discounts?

Priority Access Section

1. Is there a service for people with reduced mobility?

  • Alilauro has established a dedicated assistance service for people with disabilities or mobility reduced, both on board of own units that on the ports of reference.
  • The free service is available, by reservation, by those who request it. Staff specially selected and trained, assists in boarding, disembarkation and accommodation on board.
  • The request of the assistance service must reach the Customer Service Alilauro within 48 hours from departure date, by calling +39 081 4972206(Napoli Beverello) or writing to customer@alilauro.it (Monday to Friday from 9 am at 17.30)

2. Can I request assistance with a wheelchair?

Minor on board

1. How much do children pay?

2. How much do infants pay?

  • Infants, who must be accompanied, travel for free from 0 to 2 years. Consequently, they do not have the right to a seated place on board but must necessarily travel in the arms of the accompanying adult for the entire duration of the crossing.

3. Do you have a minor accompaniment service? How to book it?

  • The "unaccompanied minors" service allows children between the ages of 4 and 12 to travel completed years - unable to be accompanied by a parent or his deputies. This service allows the accompaniment of the child himself - for the chosen route- from the port of departure and to the port of destination - by company staff.
  • Remember that until the age of 12 it is absolutely forbidden to travel the child alone. From 12 years until the age of majority the accompanying service is optional and granted on explicit request.

4. How can I book the service?

  • The service can be booked 48h before departure by sending an email to customer@alilauro.it, indicating the day and time of departure. The service will be guaranteed only on the routes Naples-Ischia -Forio and vice versa, Naples-Sorrento and vice versa. The cost, in addition to the price of the ticket provided for the minor (in addition to any extra services) will be 10 euros for resident children and 20 euros for non-resident children.

5. Are there any gadgets for kids?

  • To make the trip pleasant for children who use our services Alilauro offers The Alikids: a bag with crayons, colors and drawings, badges and certificate on board downloadable on the theme site ship delivered to boarding - while stocks last. For more information see the Ali-Family page at the link https://www.alilauro.it/it/ali-family/

Onboard Services section

1. Is smoking allowed on board?

  • Smoking (including electronic cigarettes) is not allowed on board our hydrofoils.
  • Remember that throwing cigarette butts or anything else into the sea is strictly prohibited by the international maritime laws.

2. If I have a problem on board who can I ask for help?

  • Our crew remains available for the duration of the crossing, easily recognizable by the company uniform.

3. What happens if I have an illness on board?

  • Our crew is prepared for first aid, and is subjected to continuous courses update. If necessary, the master shall request the 118 services upon disembarkation.

4. Can I buy food and drink on board?

  • On our units are present and operational bars on board, equipped with drinks and snacks of various types, managed by an external company and available for the duration of the crossing.

5. Can I charge my mobile phone or PC on board?

  • Our units are equipped with special charging stations. If you have difficulties you can ask to our crew who will be at your disposal for the duration of the crossing.

6. Can I sit outside?

How to reach the ports

1. How do I get to the port of Naples?

  • The port of embarkation of our hydrofoils from Naples is Molo Beverello, reachable:
    - From Capodichino Airport, the Alibus service is available, which, after a stop at the central station Garibaldi, ends its route at the port, on the Molo Beverello side. The schedule can be checked at the following link www.anm.it
    - From Garibaldi Central Station you can reach the Beverello Pier by taxi, with the Metro line 1 - Piazza Municipio stop, with the Alibus or Bus service.

2. How do I get to the port of Sorrento?

  • The embarkation of our hydrofoils is expected from the port of Marina Piccola di Sorrento reachable on foot from the municipal villa or along the stairs from Piazza Tasso. There is also an elevator that connects the town villa of Sorrento to the port.

3. How to reach the port of Salerno?

  • The embarkation of our hydrofoils is expected from the port of Salerno Molo Manfredi, reachable on foot in about 20 minutes from the central station or with line 5 and 6 of the public transport services.


1. Where can I find all times and rates?

  • In the "timetables" section of our website there are all our connections and routes, for each one the relative times and rates updated during the various periods of the year.

2. I am an agency how can I buy a ticket?

3. I lost a personal object inside one of your units, who can I contact?

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