Anzio is a charming town on the Tyrrhenian Sea, located in the vast rural area of the Agro Romano. Besides being a popular seaside resort for its beautiful beaches and clear waters, it is also a place of great historical charm. Ancient Antium, in fact, was an important nerve centre for the Roman Empire, as evidenced by the numerous ruins you can find in every corner, as well as the birthplace of Nero.

Here, in fact, you can admire what remains of the Emperor's majestic Villa of the Emperor, which once contained the baths, an exedra with several statues, along with Domitian's rich library. Then, dipping into the town centre, you can visit the collections of the gracious Villa Adele - the first villa built in Anzio in the early 18th century - together with the Museo dello Sbarco and the Museo Civico Archeologico. In addition, religious monuments worth visiting include the Church of St Anthony and the Basilica of St Theresa of the Child Jesus.

Anzio is divided into two parts - the Riviera di Ponente (Western Riviera) and the Riviera di Levante (Eastern Riviera) - by the pier of the tourist port where our ships dock. The coastline is a succession of free beaches, mostly sandy, and bathing establishments with all kinds of services. Being a very windy area, it is the perfect place to practice water sports such as kitesurfing, windsurfing or sailing. On the seafront, you can then find several bars and restaurants, ready to delight you with dishes based on the catch of the day.

The uniqueness of the beaches of Anzio lies in their location in areas of great natural and archaeological interest: the golden beach of the Grotte di Nerone (Nero's Caves), for example, is part of the area of the imperial villa, whose ruins reach down to the water. Then there is the Lido dei Gigli and the beach of the Tor Caldara nature reserve, which has been the backdrop for important Italian cinema films several times. Travel with us to Anzio and enjoy a dive into the history of this enchanting town on the Pontine coast.

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