Ponza, island of Circe and Ulysses, is the largest of the Ponziane archipelago, a few kilometres from the coast of Circeo. Populated by myths and natural wonders, it was described by Eugenio Montale as 'a microcosm in itself', a true paradise on earth. With its concentration of beaches and coves, spectacular views and waters that are the envy of the most beautiful islands in the world, it is the perfect destination for those seeking true contact with nature. As soon as you dock on the island, you will be greeted by a large amphitheatre of pink and white houses, together with an intense scent of saltiness and fresh fish. Its harbour can be considered one of the best examples of Bourbon architecture to have survived the passage of time.

To explore all the beauty of Ponza, we recommend renting a boat, as many can only be reached by sea. Its crystal-clear waters and seabed full of fish of the most varied species are the island's greatest attraction, along with the marvellous underwater caves carved into the rock. Such as those of Pilate, probably used by the Romans for breeding moray eels. These fish were of vital importance at the time, as they were believed to have the power to predict the fate of sea voyages. Among the most characteristic beaches on the island, you will find Cala Fonte - a destination for snorkelling enthusiasts - the Frontone Beach - very convenient for families with small children - and the Capo Bianco Point: an ideal place to enjoy the last swim of the day, on the way back from the boat trip. Here, clear deep blue waters break against a white cliff, reating a goose-bump contrast. If you are in the mood for a moment of absolute relaxation, ou can find peace of mind in unspoilt coves such as Cala Gaetano, Punta Fieno or Cala Cecata, s well as in Cala Inferno and Cala Felce, which can only be reached by boat.

Set off for Ponza on board our ships and let yourself be enchanted by an oasis of pure beauty

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