Along the Amalfi Coast, in the province of Salerno, stands Cetara: a tiny village full of charm and stories to tell, which has served as the backdrop for several well-known films of Italian cinema, including 'L'uomo, la bestia e la virtù' with Totò.

Cetara is renowned as the town of anchovies and tuna, which have been fished here since ancient times, as well as the home of 'colatura di alici': an amber-coloured liquid with a strong flavour and full-bodied taste, obtained from the maturation of salted anchovies. A very high-quality product protected by a Slow Food Presidium, the result of a tradition handed down for generations among
the families of Cetaresian fishermen. Every year in early December, an event is held in honour of the 'colatura di alici', with conferences and round tables on fishing and historical events in Cetara and the Amalfi Coast. During the days of the festival, restaurants in Cetara prepare exceptional menus based on colatura. An event not to be missed for all lovers of good food.

Among the most interesting religious monuments are the 14th-century complex of San Francesco, the Church of the Madonna di Costantinopoli and the Church of San Pietro Apostolo: the symbol of Cetaro Christianity, named in honour of the village's patron saint. Constructed in the 9th century at the top of a stone staircase, the church is a crossroads of different styles, with a neoclassical façade and a late baroque interior.

This small village retains its magic all year round, but it is definitely worth a visit at the end of June, in conjunction with the Patronal Feast of St Peter - on 29th June - which is renowned for its spectacular fireworks over the sea and the race up the steps of the Church of St Peter the Apostle.

Towards mid-July, on the other hand, not to be missed is the Night of the Lampare: one of the most eagerly awaited events of the summer on the Amalfi Coast. It re-enacts the tradition of ancient fishing for anchovies with 'lampare' - a type of lamp once used on boats by fishermen - with the aim of keeping alive but above all giving value to the history and culture of sea fishing: one of the oldest professions in the world. During the night of the 'lampare' you can witness a real fishing trip off the coast of Cetara, directly from the boats. All the catch is then brought to the beach, to be cooked and served in front of the splendid scenery of the village painted by night.

Then, when August arrives, Cetara fills with people for the festival 'A tutto tonno' (all about tuna), during which the village's old tunny-fishing nets are filled with encounters on fishing traditions. And in the evening, all along the pier, you can enjoy delicious tastings, immersed in a breathtaking panorama and with the background music of typical folk songs. Come to the Amalfi Coast with us and be enchanted by this delightful seaside village.