The Irish philosopher George Berkeley, in his travel diary, defined Ischia as “epitome of the world”, a unique big garden, a microcosm which is filled with an incredible variety of landscapes (hills, woods, deep canyons, jagged coasts, orchards, vineyards, terrace plantations), adding that “fruits are exposed everywhere with no enclosures, and they make the island similar to a big orchard”.

The island has many woods with more than 500 classes of rare plants, that is why Ischia is known as “The Green Island”. The sea is blue and the beaches are lovely: one of the most amazing beach is Maronti beach (which is located between Barano d’Ischia and Serrara Fontana) and it is also the longest beach of the island. With its 2 km of length the Maronti beach reaches Sant’Angelo and it ends with the Fumarole.