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Resident Card

By whom can the Resident Card be requested?

The Resident Card is the card designed to best meet the needs of residents in the municipalities of the island of Ischia and the Sorrentine Peninsula.

What does it offer?

Speed in ticketing and control procedures, along with the opportunity to travel using the same-day round-trip promotion for only €10.00 to the island of Ischia and €12.00 to the Sorrento Peninsula, excluding luggage.
Access to the mailing list for notifications of suspensions, promotions and dedicates partnership.

Valid routes:

• Naples – Ischia/Forio Round Trip (A/R)
• Naples – Sorrento Round Trip (A/R)

Usage instructions:

Once in possession of the card, it will be necessary to visit our social ticket offices to print the travel document for each desired journey.
The Resident Card is also a rechargeable card. The customer can visit one of the Alilauro ticket offices and load a chosen amount of money onto the card. At the time of purchase, simply present the card at the ticket office, and the ticket cost will be automatically deducted from the balance on the card.

How to Apply:

By filling out the online form or emailing customer@alilauro.it and attaching the following

• Passport-size photograph
• Identity card (valid)
• Social Security Number

Cost of Issuance:

There is no issuance fee for this card.


The validity is for one calendar year, from January 1st to December 31st of the current year, renewable for free at the end of the period, subject to further verification of the required criteria.


With our Resident Card you also det exclusice discounts at our partner estabilishments.
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The card is strictly personal, owned by Alilauro Spa, and is not transferable to third parties

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